Our Terms of Use

We value your privacy and we intend to protect it the best way we can.
We strongly believe in the the freedom of speech, a sole right guaranteed by the first Amendment of the Constitution of the United State of America. We also belive in compliying with the laws of United States of America and the laws of any country where our application may be used. Therefore we are progressivly and intuitively, developing and modeling our application to fit those values. And this user agreement terms will be updated from time to time accordingly.

Conditions to use our services:
You are allow to use our services only if you agreed to our terms of use agreement. You must be 13 years or older and under the laws of applicable juridiction to use our service.

We are progressively working on encrypting your data. That means your end to end private comunication is encrypted. We only collect informations that will help us improve our services for better user experience. We do not sell your data to any third party. We will try to draw our revenue through donations and other services. You are responsible for the informations you posted on your feed as its will be rendered public. We reserve the right to remove contents that are in disagreement with the terms of use along with copyright and intellectual property right. In case of copyright violation, please report it to:
Sierra Lustra Inc, PO Box 783283 Wichita ,ks 67278 USA Email: copyright@sierralustra.com

Education and other intellectuals knowledge are universal values Hence Sierra Lustra Software should be used freely without any royality tie for the purpose of promoting STEM students learning, and homework sharing around the world.Sierralustra.com is build with Python Django and Bootstrap5. In the exeption of Sierra Lustra copyright and trademarks and other propertary rights. An account creation will be necessary to use our services. You may choose to end this agreement by deleting your account. You consent by using our service that Sierra Lustra and its affiliates liability is limited to the full extent permissible by the juridiction of your place of residence.